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Keeping Things Ethical: Balancing The Scales

The potential of unethical influences like favoritism, conflicts of interest, and outright corruption is ever-present, local government being no exception.  When it comes to land ...
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A Guide To Making Legendary (And Legal) Land Use Decisions

When it comes to land use decisions, even though local elected and appointed officials would never admit that they want to, they can’t just wing ...
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Land Use Confessionals: How Not To Get Sued By A Church

Here in the U.S. the free exercise of religion or religious beliefs is a fundamental right guaranteed by the First Amendment. To further the pursuit ...
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The Detrimental Impacts Of S.O.Bs

Sexually oriented businesses (S.O.Bs) have long been a topic of contentious debate within communities across the U.S., Utah included.  While proponents argue for freedom of ...
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Aggregate Mining: A Necessary Evil?

Aggregate mining plays an important role in supporting critical infrastructure development.  While often overlooked, aggregate materials such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone literally form ...
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Finding Balance: Building Design Regulations

In the wonderful world of planning, building design and architecture play a pivotal role in shaping the physical landscape of our cities and towns.  Land ...
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