Key Takeaways From The 2024 Utah Legislative Session

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State elected officials adjourned on Friday, March 1st this year,  officially ending the general legislative session.  While it may seem hard to believe for some, this year the State’s Legislature actually set a new record on the number of bills passed:  591 to be exact!

With so many bills being passed which span the gamut of various important topics and issues facing us across this great state, we chose to focus on a few which we feel would be most important to you, the local government official. 


In our expert opinion, this year was another year primarily focused on housing issues.  As we all know by now housing has been a heavily prioritized and discussed legislative topic across the state for the last several years.  Successful initiatives passed this session included the following:

  • HB 465: Which includes new penalties for non-compliance with moderate income housing plan requirements;
  • HB 476:  Which further refined last year’s massive amendments to subdivisions regulations regarding the approval process for single family, two family, and townhome projects;
  • SB 168: Which includes new policy strategy options for moderate income housing plans, and allows cities to regulate elements of modular buildings; and
  • SB 268:  Which allows a municipality to create a “first home investment zone” and implement tax increment financing.

Annexation / Incorporation:

We also noticed an interesting amount of amendments pertaining to annexation / incorporation topics.  Although when you stop to think about the prioritization of housing topics over the last few years, maybe not quite so surprising for some.   Successful initiatives passed this session include:

  • SB 201:  Which updates the processes and requirements pertaining to feasibility studies (i.e., incorporation studies);
  • SB 252:  Which changes the definition of a “Town” (i.e., population of less than 750) and a “5th Class City” (i.e., population of 750 – 10,000); and
  • SB 258:  Which allows landowners to incorporate under a “preliminary municipality”.

civiclinQ’s Summary Of Passed/Failed Bills:

For local government officials who may want to see and review a more thorough list of passed/failed bills from this past legislative session that caught our attention, check out the link below:

2024 Utah Legislative Session Bill Tracker | Counties + Municipalities

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