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To Create The Best Community In The State… Using Enforceable Standards.

Enforceable land use regulations are essential for ensuring that land is developed and utilized in accordance with established guidelines and standards.  In order to have enforceable land use regulations, one could argue that specific standards must be defined.

The benefits of defining specific standards, when it comes to land use, are endless:

  • They provide clarity and predictability to property owners, developers, and the community as a whole by articulating the requirements and expectations for land use and development.
  • They maintain consistency and fairness in decision making processes as land use authorities can refer to established standards to assess compliance.  This in turn reduces the potential for subjective or arbitrary decisions, and promotes transparency and accountability.
  • They are essential to promoting public health, safety, and welfare by addressing common issues such as setbacks, density, parking, landscaping, access and amenities.  Health, safety, and welfare after all is one of the pillars behind the need for land use regulations.
  • They contribute to defining a community’s character by  including design guidelines and architectural standards, shaping visual appeal of neighborhoods and communities through building materials, architectural styles, signage and landscaping.  Community character is one of the reasons you live where you live, is it not?

When communities lack enforceable standards or land use regulations issues can arise.  Potential consequences are equally just as endless as the benefits:

  • Inconsistent development patterns, which can lead to a lack of cohesion and compatibility between different land uses, result in visually disjointed and inefficiently organized environments.  This can create conflicts between neighboring properties, disrupting the overall character and identity of the community.
  • Inadequate safeguards to address issues such as building safety, environmental impacts, traffic congestion or infrastructure or services, which in turn leads to increased risks for residents and diminished quality of life.
  • We already mentioned it – disputes and disagreements.  This often hinders the decision making process, or results in subjective judgements which breed distrust and resentment within the community.
  • Missed opportunities.  Missed opportunities for future vibrant and sustainable neighborhoods which attract desirable businesses and ensure efficient use of resources.

Don’t Know Where To Begin?

Creating enforceable standards sometimes takes expertise and knowledge, especially when the topic involves complex legal and regulatory frameworks.  Sometimes it just takes a comprehensive assessment and good old-fashioned community engagement and collaboration.

Call Rural Community Consultants today to get expert planning and ordinance advice to make your community the best it can be. 

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Check out our online training modules! Note: Rural Community Consultants is able to provide access to specific training modules free of charge, courtesy of the Utah Office of the Property Rights Ombudsman.

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