Robert’s Rules: A Backstage Pass To Parliamentary Performances

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To the fellow rockstars of bureaucracy, today, we’re cranking up the volume and diving into the electrifying world of Robert’s Rules of Order. 

For this, we’ll need you to use your imagination and picture parliamentary procedures as a rock concert – complete with power chords, epic solos, and maybe even a little bit of mosh pit action (aka democracy).

The Art Of The Gavel Slam:  

First things first, if your municipality still gives the Chair a gavel, we’re jealous. For those unfamiliar, this is not just a tool to maintain order; it’s an art form of its very own. Forget the delicate tap-tap; we’re talking about the kind of authority that comes with a gavel slam that echoes through the halls of bureaucracy, striking fear into the hearts of those who dare to interrupt the sacred order of business. It’s like the opening chord of a rock concert, when the lights dim, the crowd hushes, and then, BOOM! (But with more bureaucracy and less leather jackets, of course.)

Dancing To The Rhythm Of “Motions”:

Second, what kind of rock concert would it be without the all-important dance moves of the parliamentary world – motions. While you may be awkwardly stared and pointed at during the rock concert for performing a “Point of Order” tango or a “Move to Table” country two-step, learning to dance to and master the motions is essential for any local government official. 

“Amendments”, A.K.A. The Plot Twists:  

Just when you think you’ve memorized all the words to your favorite song from twenty years ago, enter the “amendments” – the plot twists of Robert’s Rules. Suddenly the entire room is on the edge of their seats to hear what this rendition will sound like. Will it pass? Will it fail? It’s parliamentary drama at its finest, sometimes complete with more suspense than a modern day Taylor Swift concert.

The Iconic Evasive Maneuver:  

Now, let’s talk about the evasive maneuvers – the encore that leaves the crowd wanting more. Need more time to perfect your argument? Hit them with a “motion to table” or “postpone indefinitely.” It’s the rockstar move of parliamentary evasion, leaving your colleagues in suspense until the next meeting, eagerly anticipating the next act.

From gavel slams that shake the foundation to epic amendments that shred through the agenda, parliamentary procedures are the secret sauce that turns a mundane meeting into a head-banging, fist-pumping spectacle. 

So, fellow rockstars of bureaucracy, the next time you find yourself in the midst of a parliamentary performance, crank up the volume, embrace the chaos, and rock on! Whether you’re orchestrating the gavel slam or grooving to the rhythm of motions, remember – in the grand symphony of governance, you’re fully capable of becoming the lead guitarist and taking center stage. 

Let the parliamentary concert begin!

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