Leveling Up Infrastructure: Bringing Growth To Your Kingdom

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In the bustling world of Super Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom, plumbing systems and other infrastructure improvements are as crucial as magic mushrooms and bouncing stars. Take a minute to imagine Mario, the iconic plumber in red overalls (or his brother Luigi), not just rescuing Princess Peach but also donning a developer’s hat from time to time to enhance Mushroom Kingdom through various infrastructure improvements.

§10-9a-103/§17-27a-103 of Utah State Code (as amended) define “infrastructure improvements” as permanent infrastructure that is essential for the public health and safety or that is required for human occupation; and that an applicant must install in accordance with published installation and inspection specifications for public improvements; and whether the improvement is public or private, as a condition of recording a subdivision plat, obtaining a building permit, or development of a commercial, industrial, mixed use, condominium, or multifamily project.

Infrastructure improvements are integral to the sustainable growth and development of our communities as they provide the foundational framework that supports various facets of daily life.  For Mario and Luigi, in the Mushroom Kingdom, infrastructure improvements can be things such as:

  • Brick Block Sidewalks.  These colorful and bouncy pathways not only add a touch of nostalgia for seasoned citizens but also provide a spring in the step of pedestrians. These interactive sidewalks make taking a stroll anywhere in their magical realm an adventure.
  • Cloud Platform Pedestrian Crossings.  Suspended mid-air, fluffy cloud platforms act as pedestrian crosswalks, ensuring citizens can hop from one side of the street to the other with ease.
  • Warp Pipes For Efficient Commuting.  The iconic green pipes are Mushroom Kingdom’s primary mode of transportation. Ensuring maximum warp pipe efficiency reduces travel times for citizens and provides much needed warp points (i.e., access) to key destinations like Toad Town or Yoshi’s Island.

With Princess Peach administering successful long term general plan initiatives and effective design standards, and Mario and Luigi constructing various infrastructure improvements to those plans and standards, Mushroom Kingdom is guaranteed to become a more vibrant and sought after haven for its citizens over time. 

In real life, the same concepts apply.  Infrastructure and economic development are intricately linked, with infrastructure serving as a foundational pillar for the successful fostering of economic growth and improving overall living standards for community residents. 

Strategic and well-executed infrastructure projects can also propel communities and larger regions towards sustained economic development, creating a conducive environment for prosperity and innovation for all.

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