Keeping Up With The Jones’

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We live in a world where comparisons and the desire to “keep up with the Jones’” can often dominate our aspirations and influence our choices.  In the context of land use and housing in Utah, the time has come for us to shift our perspective and prioritize a more inclusive approach.

Moderate income housing is an essential component of a thriving community, especially once which values diversity, affordability, and social cohesion.  Moderate income housing bridges the affordability gap, ensuring that people with moderate incomes can assess decent, safe and attainable housing options within their community.

The Pitfalls Of “Keeping Up With The Jones’”

The cultural phenomenon of “Keeping up with the Jones’” revolves around the idea of trying to match or outdo one’s neighbor’s in terms of material possessions, lifestyle, and social status.  While it’s natural to seek improvement and progress, this mindset perpetuates a cycle of excessive consumerism, leaving many individuals and families financially straining, struggling to afford housing.

The Benefits Of Moderate Income Housing

By prioritizing the development of moderate income housing, we create opportunities for individuals and families with moderate incomes to live, work, and contribute to the vitality of our neighborhoods.  Providing moderate income housing:

  • Fosters diverse and inclusive communities, creating an environment where people from various socio-economic backgrounds can live side by side, promoting social interaction, empathy, and a sense of community.
  • Is essential for attracting and retaining a stable workforce, meaning employers can rely on a consistent and engaged workforce.
  • Contributes to economic vitality in local economies by ensuring that individuals and families have disposable income to spend on goods and services.  This spending power translates into a sustainable economic ecosystem.
  • Reduces income inequality within communities by preventing the concentration of poverty, supporting a more equitable distribution of resources.

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