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Most municipalities know when they have a problem, but often they don’t know how to fix it.  Every community is required to have plans and ordinances in place, but keeping them maintained is a daunting task.  Often the need for quality planning/regulation support is highest in communities that can least afford it.  The smaller the community, the larger the need for codes that are current and easy to administer.  They need a solution that meets their budget administrative capacity. 

Community leaders are typically wearing many different hats and they can’t invest their time and energy resources into updating them – particularly those in jurisdictions that can’t retain dedicated staff. Consequently, many communities may try to shortcut the process and copy/paste things that have been adopted elsewhere. In our experience, we have found codes that have been copied word-for-word.  Unfortunately, most of the codes that are being copied are just as old as the ones they are replacing.  As professional planning consultants, this practice bolsters our belief that carefully selected model codes are just what smaller communities need.

Rural Community Consultants and Jones & DeMille Engineering are dedicated to finding real solutions and are looking to build long-term relationships with, and solutions for, communities.  We have developed a library of ordinances that is based on our discovery of best practices and current land use law.  civiclinQ is an online platform that will help automate these guidance documents and templates, allowing communities to update their codes at their own pace, while also ensuring our firm’s ability to make changes and updates efficiently. We believe that over time, this consistency will begin to shape best practices for smaller communities across Utah.

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